Case Study: Talgarth Mill, Wales

An innovative land purchase by a Community Interest Company has given a unique, community-run flour mill space for gardening at a peppercorn rent.


Pros and Cons of taking on extra land

Successful groups who have done a good job with a project frequently find that they are offered additional sites to work their magic on.  We often find that these groups feel obliged to say yes to the extra land but with hindsight they wished they had said no!

The aim of this guidance is to support you through this decision process, giving you points to consider so you can decide whether  your group should say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to taking on extra land.


Overview: Insurance

Insurance is sometimes viewed as an optional extra or unnecessary expense. The truth is good insurance cover is, in the vast majority of cases, a vital component of taking on a site that that both community growing groups and landowners need to consider carefully. The following information, in the downloadable document below, covers some insurance basics, gives examples of what types of insurance are needed and why, and lists some example insurers (however, please note that we cannot specifically recommend an insurer due to financial regulations).

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