Leases: Business Tenancy

The Business Lease Tenancy information document will be extremely useful for anyone needing a business lease (with and without clauses for trade) or landowners wanting to find out more about business tenancies in England and Wales.

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CLAS Advisory: What Landowners Want From Land Users

Landowners may be more willing to offer land to your group if you can demonstrate that you are able to act on a potential landowner's main needs, aims and concerns.  Finding out what these key needs, aims and concerns are will help you when negotiating with the landowner.  The following Advisory document, written by CLAS, gives more information on this important topic.

What Landowners Want From Land Users



Offering Land: Land Partnerships Handbook

This handbook is aimed primarily at landowners and land based 'businesses' including communtiy growing projects and CSAs. It describes a new approach to help landowners parcel out land and buildings on which ‘land entrepreneurs’ can establish new, independent businesses.

The approach places strong emphasis on the process of forming and maintaining sound business-to-business relationships. It deals mostly with farming land, but contains a good structure for process of taking land on and an excellent top 10 list of things that landowners are looking for from potential land leasers.


Leases: Meanwhile Leases

The Meanwhile Project, a partnership with Locality that has now unfortunately ended, promoted the temporary use of land for gardening and food growing as well as the use of vacant shops, offices and warehouses for “pop-up” enterprises.  The project developed a number of 'meanwhile leases'. Although these were called “meanwhile” they are actually suitable for more permanent occupation from 1 year to 99+years.

National Farmers Union

The National Farmers Union

0870 845 8458

The NFU is the largest farming organisation in the UK and provides professional representation and services to its farmer and grower members. It has a network of local offices and advisers.


FAQs: Landowners

These Frequently Asked Questions cover issues about community land use which will be of interest to private landowners, local councils, businesses and institutions. You can download the FAQ document using the link below.

Land Landowners: Frequently Asked Questions (England and Wales version)

Landowners: Frequently Asked Questions (Scotland version)



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