Landowners: Process For Offering Land

This generic guide takes landowners through the process involved in allowing a community garden to set up operation on your land. It gives landowners a broad step-by-step process and links to useful information resources created by CLAS. However, it is important to bear in mind that this is an example and different circumstances and different groups may require variations on this process.

Offering Land Process for Landowners


Landowners: Guide For Landowners

This guide aims to encourage Scotland’s landowners to make more land available for community growing provide key information on issues such as site suitability, leases, planning and land use and the law.


Useful Link: Checklist for Community Supported Agriculture

This checklist, from the Soil Association, is intended to help farmers and growers form a proposal and choose a model for a new CSA. These are all questions that are likely to arise as a new CSA is formed. Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is defined as a partnership between farmers and consumers where the risks and rewards are shared. There is more information about CSA, including case studies and an action manual for setting up a CSA at


Useful Link: Register of Surplus Public Sector Land

You can use the following link to browse surplus land (and buildings) owned by central government and its various agencies which is available to buy or lease. It is administered by the Government Property Unit, which is part of the Cabinet Office. Use the link below to access the information - it is expected to be updated quarterly:


Useful Document: Somerset Land & Food Project Report

The Somerset Land & Food Project has been a three year access to land project, launched in 2009 and funded by the Big Lottery Local Food Programme. It was managed by Somerset Community Food, a grassroots charity founded in 2004, which aims to re-connect people with the social, health and environmental effects of growing, buying, preparing and eating local food. 


CLAS Advisory: Community Lettings Questionnaire

The aim of this document is to aid communication between a community group and landowner, regarding a proposed project on a piece of land. By completing the questionnaire the community group will address a number of important issues that will be key to the project’s success. The landowner will be reassured of what form the project will take. It could be seen as part of a business or action plan for the project and may also help with funding bids. Download the document using the link below:


News: Guide For Landowners Published In Scotland

Guide For Landowners - download here

The Guide For Landowners (updated 2018) has been produced by the Community Land Advisory Service in Scotland and provides free, comprehensive information and advice to help landowners play their part in the surge in community gardening and food growing across Scotland.


Finding Land: Approach Letter to Landowner

CLAS has created an example letter (see below) which is intended as a draft template to help community growing groups put together an appropriately-worded approach to a landowner about using a site.

Approach Letter to Landowner



Leases: Farm Business Tenancy

The Farm Business Tenancy Information Document will be extremely useful for anyone needing guidance on farm business tenancies in England and Wales.

You may have arrived on this page after being directed here by the CLAS 'Which Type Of Land Agreement Is For You' flowchart, or you may have arrived here direct.


Leases: Licence Agreements

The CLAS Licence Agreements Document will be extremely useful for anyone needing information on licences (both with, and without, clauses for business permission or trade) in England and Wales.

You may have arrived on this page after being directed here by the CLAS 'Which Type Of Land Agreement Is For You' flowchart, or you may have arrived here directly by searching the site.

Either way you can download and use the document below, which includes links to template licences provided by Landshare.



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