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Case Study: Roundhouse Partnership

The Roundhouse Partnership consist of a group of people, based mainly in Cardiff, who came together several years ago to set up a sustainable land management project. After a couple of years of searching they found two pieces of land, a woodland of 5.7 acres and a two-acre plot of agricultural land.


Guidance: Communites and landowners managing woodlands

This advisory note, aimed at landowners, is from Llais Y Goedwig, the voice of community woodlands in Wales, and gives information about how communities and landowners can work together to manage woodlands.

Most woodlands in Wales benefit from active management to improve the quality of the habitat and generate a sustainable source of timber. Many landowners struggle to find the resources to effectively manage their woodlands, but involving the local community can be an effective solution to the benefit of landowners, people and the woodlands themselves.


Case Study: Llangollen Community Garden

This organic food-growing community garden, based on the site of an abandoned plot in Llangollen, is owned by Denbighshire County Council which gave permission for the development of community growing in 2012. It’s an excellent example of the process of setting up a community garden on a council site, with a licence rather than a lease.

Catherine Veasey, who has been involved in the development of the garden through the local Friends Of The Earth group, describes more about the garden and how it worked with the council.

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