Community Ownership

Case Study: Roundhouse Partnership

The Roundhouse Partnership consist of a group of people, based mainly in Cardiff, who came together several years ago to set up a sustainable land management project. After a couple of years of searching they found two pieces of land, a woodland of 5.7 acres and a two-acre plot of agricultural land.


Case Study: Talgarth Mill, Wales

An innovative land purchase by a Community Interest Company has given a unique, community-run flour mill space for gardening at a peppercorn rent.


Buying Land Checklist

PLEASE NOTE: If you are considering purchasing land for a community growing project, then please read the Buying Land Overview Document first.


Buying Land: Benefits & Challenges For Community Growing Groups

Though the great majority of community growing groups are better off renting their site from a landowner, buying land can be a great solution for a small number of groups in specific circumstances. Below is a brief overview of some of the reasons to buy and some of the challenges that arise with land purchase. It is worth contemplating these as part of your decision-making process.


Approaching Local Authorities - Top Tips


If you are having trouble finding a suitable site for your community growing group,  or if you have already found a site but are not sure who owns it,  then approaching your local authority is a good starting point as they often control or own disused land.  However, it can be daunting to approach such a big institution and hard to know where to start or even who to ask. The following top tips will help you get started.


Offering Land: Making The Most of Local Assets Guide

This guide, produced by the Asset Transfer Unit and primarily at local authority land holders, explores the range of tools available to unleash the creativity, innovation and growth flowing from community asset ownership and management.

It aims to support councillors when discussing Asset Transfer issues with local voluntary and community groups, parish councils or within their own authority and to help with demonstrating Localism.

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