Leases: Meanwhile Leases

The Meanwhile Project, a partnership with Locality that has now unfortunately ended, promoted the temporary use of land for gardening and food growing as well as the use of vacant shops, offices and warehouses for “pop-up” enterprises.  The project developed a number of 'meanwhile leases'. Although these were called “meanwhile” they are actually suitable for more permanent occupation from 1 year to 99+years.
These specialised leases removed one of the barriers of accessing temporarily unused or abandoned land and buildings which would otherwise lie empty and unused. For growing projects it particularly focussed on encouraging those who own land that has been earmarked for development, but subsequently delayed due to the recession, to lease it on a temporary basis to community groups.
We have retained copies of the meanwhile leases which are now available here. However please be advised that these are sample documents and it is therefore important that, before you proceed, you should take independent legal advice on:
the consequences of entering into the agreement;
whether this template is a suitable starting point for your agreement; and
whether any changes will be needed to adapt this template to your circumstances.
Disclaimer: These leases have been produced by the Meanwhile Project and are recommended by the Community Land Advisory Service.  They are intended for general guidance only and do not include advice on any specific case. As such, no responsibility can be accepted by the Community Land Advisory Service to any individual or organisation for actions taken or refrained from by reference to this lease. Legal advice from suitable experienced specialist legal advisors should be taken.
It is best to follow our lease flowchart to make sure you find the right type of lease or licence for your particular project or interest, or you can find further contextual advice about Meanwhile leases via our pages on business tenancy leases and farm business tenancy leases


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