Useful Link: Code For Leasing Business Premises

The Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales 2007 is the result of collaboration between commercial property professionals and industry bodies representing both owners (Landlords) and occupiers (Tenants).


Leases: Meanwhile Leases

The Meanwhile Project, a partnership with Locality that has now unfortunately ended, promoted the temporary use of land for gardening and food growing as well as the use of vacant shops, offices and warehouses for “pop-up” enterprises.  The project developed a number of 'meanwhile leases'. Although these were called “meanwhile” they are actually suitable for more permanent occupation from 1 year to 99+years.

Useful Link: Tenant Farmers Association

Tenant Farmers Association


The Tenant Farmers Association gives professional advice, including legal advice, to its members. The TFA is the only organisation dedicated to the agricultural tenanted sector and is the authentic voice on behalf of tenant farmers.  The TFA lobbies at all levels of Government and gives professional advice to its members.  Access to advice, information and services designed specifically for tenant farmers is available to those who join the association.


Useful Link: National Allotment Society (formerly NSALG)

National Allotment Society

01536 266 576


Formerly known as the National Society for Allotments and Leisure Gardeners, this is a members’ co-operative which protects, promotes and preserves allotments. It provides advice and information to both allotment holders and home gardeners. NAS has a legal team and can help draft non-standard agreements between councils or private landlords and allotment associations.


Useful Link: Ethical Property Foundation

Ethical Property Foundation

02070 650 760


The Ethical Property Foundation advises charities and community groups on property issues. Its Property Advice Service offers independent, ethical advice and training, and has helped almost 600 organisations to rent, buy, let or manage property since 2005.


Leases: Landshare

Landshare was an online land and food growing matching service (until the initaitive was wound down in February 2016. It had a selection of template leases and land agreements that were approved by its own lawyers, including a specific one designed for Scotland. The Landshare website is no longer available to view, but you can also download the templates from the links below:

Landshare UK Template Agreement



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