Fill The Streets Cardiff 2017 Event Report

CLAS Cymru and its growing partners around Cardiff have been encouraging people to grow more food and flowers in the heart of Cardiff's communities. An event was held in March 2017 to inspire Cardiff community growers, partner organisations, Assembly Members and Cardiff Councillors and Officers at Chapter Arts Centre to work out the simplest way for allowing communities to grow an abundance of food and flowers on the streets.

We discussed inspiring and proactive case studies and stories of positive change, and looked at the various Cardiff Council processes to allow community growing in public spaces. The collective community growing dreams, challenges and solutions were discussed and some positive and tangible outcomes were developed. Cardiff community growers left the room feeling inspired to grow in abundance across Cardiff.

A report, plus several presentations (in PDF format) from the event, are available download via the following links:

Fill The Streets With Food & Flowers Report

Incredible Edible Presentation

Neighbourhood Services Cardiff Presentation

CLAS Cymru Presentation

Growing In The Community Presentation


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