Case Study: Llanberis Community Orchard

Llanberis Community Orchard

The idea for a community orchard in Llanberis had been developing in a few people’s minds and came to fruition during a Youth Hostel Association (YHA) open day in September 2014. The YHA Snowdon Llanberis manager, Janet Walker, suggested that an outdoor space at the Youth Hostel would make an excellent site.

The space is an existing orchard with several old apple and damson trees, which had received no attention for many years. The land, which is owned by YHA was used by hostel guests to relax in and by educational groups for team building activities.

From the YHA perspective the idea offered an opportunity to utilise an underused resource, encourage local people to use the facility and improve the awareness of the YHA within the community. The project has proved a success.

Case Study: Llanberis Community Orchard



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