How To Register A Lease

The Land Registry records all the rights relating to a property, for example, who the owner is, if there is a tenant, what the boundaries of the property are and if anyone else can use the land to access their land. When you buy or take a long lease of property, it needs to be registered with the Land Registry. It is extremely important to correctly and accurately complete the registration form (and send the correct accompanying documents), as it is the entry of a person’s name on the register that confirms him/her as the owner of that land under the registry system. Even when a sale or a new lease is completed, the money paid and the site occupied, ownership does not change until the new name is entered on the register.

This document acts as a guide to the registration process and gives details on why, when and how to register. Download the Document using the following link:

Leases: How To Register A Lease




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